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May 29, 2010


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Today has been a day of early morning sewing, with coffee before anyone else was up.

A day of rushing off to the post office on the bicycle before noon.

A day of afternoon thunderstorms mixed with computer work in an empty apartment, beans hissing in the pressure cooker, and a compost bucket full of fruit flies waiting by the door for a break in the rain so I can sneak off to the garden. . .


a year and a half

May 19, 2010

street fair

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She has exploded into language!
She is beginning to run.
She is using the potty and only wears underwear.
She is very, very busy and rarely still.
She likes to cuddle her dolls and carry them about.
She likes to walk and walk and walk.
She likes to climb and carry and slide and push.
She likes to visit with friends, big or small.
She likes cars and motorcycles and trucks.
She loves bicycles and tractors.
She loves to look at books, the only moment she is still.
She loves babies.
She loves to WORK: digging, watering, mixing and more.
Shel is a BIG person and a little list gives just a taste of who she is!

She is so so so FUN!

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