To the park


Originally uploaded by nonsonoitaliana

A frontier of sorts

where we all come together

and yet still stay separate.

Wilder than than the school

where we are carefully mixed together,

here instead we clump,

like with like,

and each group circles the others,

careful not to touch.

So I am so grateful

to my daughter and all the other little ones

too tiny yet to mind,

expressing joy at a familiar, friendly face

and clutching hands despite the differences

and the awkwardness of us mothers.


4 Responses to “To the park”

  1. Éva Zamorano-Tóth Says:

    Have faith, never give up. The world needs more persons like you, Rachel. ❤

  2. Alix Says:

    I have always heard, and believe it to be true, that dogs and children are the greatest at breaking down barriers!

    Aren’t parks wonderful!

    Alix, Rachel’s mother

  3. Rachel Says:

    The world needs more parks!!!

  4. Rut Says:

    Beautiful….and so true 🙂

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