One moment today

baking bread

Originally uploaded by nonsonoitaliana

There is bread rising on the counter.
There is zucchini frying on the stove.
There are last night’s leftovers warming in the oven.
There is a can of sardines (unopened!) laying on the floor in the bathroom.
There is a half-finished knitted rooster for Saturday’s birthday party lying on the kitchen table.
There is one Christmas present cast-on in the knitting basket by the sofa.
There are yesterday’s washed diapers trying desperately to dry in the rain.
There are today’s diapers waiting patiently to be washed.
There are three broken play plates in this week’s trash.
There is one toddler fitting a table knife into the hole in her wooden stool and singing.
And there is one woman daydreaming of a possible playdate with pizza this evening. . .


7 Responses to “One moment today”

  1. Anna Discenzo Says:

    What a glorious picture of a gorgeous bambina. I wish you a very happy holiday season and I am wishing you well on your doula work. Sending love from Cleveland.

  2. Alix H. Travis Says:

    How wonderful you can express the humor, awe, and fatigue of a day spent with a one year old.

    Love, mother

  3. scatteredmoments Says:

    Cute little baker!

  4. Fiammetta Says:

    Sono Fiammetta del blog di spazioneomamma. Avevi lasciato un commento al post relativo alle doule. Ti mando un messaggio che penso non ti sia arrivato. Fammi sapere. Grazie!

    Ciao Rachel, benvenuta nel blog di spazioneomamma!
    SAREBBE MOLTO BELLO ricevere il racconto della tua scelta e del tuo percorso per diventare doula…! Lavorando in un ambiente così vicino alle donne in attesa, alle neomamme, ai neonati; essendo anche tu mamma da poco e in un paese lontano dal tuo…! Se ti fa piacere posso pubblicare la tua esperienza sul blog che è anche luogo di CONDIVISIONE. Puoi scrivermi a: E puoi anche mandarmi una foto per il post. Grazie per la disponibilità.

  5. Rut Says:

    Miss your blogs, but noticed the new pics. I like your logo for your website 😉

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