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One moment today

December 4, 2009

baking bread

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There is bread rising on the counter.
There is zucchini frying on the stove.
There are last night’s leftovers warming in the oven.
There is a can of sardines (unopened!) laying on the floor in the bathroom.
There is a half-finished knitted rooster for Saturday’s birthday party lying on the kitchen table.
There is one Christmas present cast-on in the knitting basket by the sofa.
There are yesterday’s washed diapers trying desperately to dry in the rain.
There are today’s diapers waiting patiently to be washed.
There are three broken play plates in this week’s trash.
There is one toddler fitting a table knife into the hole in her wooden stool and singing.
And there is one woman daydreaming of a possible playdate with pizza this evening. . .