Practical Life Two

Molly’s drawer

Originally uploaded by nonsonoitaliana

A drawer filled with:

-jars of snack food (dried apples, crackers, breadsticks, cereal flakes). They are the old-school IKEA jars and Molly can pull the lids off pretty easily and fit them back on.

-a plastic container with a red lid that always has fresh fruit in it.

– a plastic mixing bowl.

– stainless steel stackable mixing cups.

– a little plastic bucket

– plastic stacking picnic cups

– some spoons

– a stainless steel play pot and lid

And now the tops of my cabinets are covered with all my other, bigger jars- I have to stand on a stool to reach them, but at least I’m not trying to sort the pasta out from the rice at the end of each day, or keep Molly from eating the peanuts…


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