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November 20, 2009


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This is the season of nespole, small, soft fruits with big seeds, covered by a crinkly, hairy skin. Molly, her nonno and I all love them.

The season of kiwis and persimmons, walnuts and chestnuts, long shadows, gloomy days and fog.

The season I became a mother in; the season my daughter was born, my sister, my father, one of my grandmothers and my best friend Anna.

It’s a reflective, melancholy month, punctuated with happy events to help me through, and the anticipation of the winter holidays. Knitting begins in earnest and I have a decided increase in my need for sweets.

And this year it is also the beginning of my doula training- this weekend we begin.

A beautiful month.


Practical Life Four

November 16, 2009

kitchen table work

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Just ignore that the knife is way too big to be useful (and she doesn’t really try to use it anyway, despite how the photo looks), and other little details, please.

And focus on how Molly is involved in the preparation of her lunch. and her snack. and her dinner. We have been doing a lot of vegetable and fruit cutting on her table. That is, I do the cutting and she watches, tastes, mixes up the refuse and the cut veg, carries off apples and cries when she gets onion in her eye.

This is a guaranteed pleaser, bound to keep Molly engaged and pleasant for as long as I can make it last. It drives her mad when I prepare food on the counter because she can’t see, touch, help.

And do please also notice the beautiful apron I made her, thanks to the wonderful tutorial by Sew Liberated, aka Montessori By Hand. I’m a little obsessed by the apron, and am working on another, with plans for one for myself, same fabric, different pattern.

And on that note, I think I’ll take a break from practical life posts!

Happy Birthday, Amalia!

November 8, 2009


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One year.

There will be reflections to come, but this morning, while Molly naps and papà shaves, mama is listening to the Woody Guthrie cd, preparing polenta and mushrooms for the nonni and feeling very, very, VERY blessed and happy.

Practical Life Three

November 6, 2009


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Of course, we have a broom for Molly.

And while it’s not the beautiful wooden broom with natural bristles (bristles?) I wanted, neither is mine, you know? Our brooms are similar. And hers cost all of 1.50 euro. Oi.

It’s funny because I was reading the other two posts I did on “practical life” in our house and I realized one could be very misled by the lack of detail. VERY.

Such as, for example, Molly has yet to hang another peice of laundry the way she did that one day.

Or, the crackers and bits of cereal strewn about the kitchen.

Or, related to the brooms, Molly sitting in my pile of dust, little broom in one hand and picking up crumbs from the pile and eating them.

So let’s just keep this all in perpective, shall we? Amalia is participating in her own way. She is (almost) one year old, and the important thing is my efforts are to welcome her into our house work in whatever way she is able.

It’s more about an attitude than anything else.
And it’s this attitude that makes our day fun, and my house work a collaborative game that is really truly pleasurable.

Practical Life Two

November 2, 2009

Molly’s drawer

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A drawer filled with:

-jars of snack food (dried apples, crackers, breadsticks, cereal flakes). They are the old-school IKEA jars and Molly can pull the lids off pretty easily and fit them back on.

-a plastic container with a red lid that always has fresh fruit in it.

– a plastic mixing bowl.

– stainless steel stackable mixing cups.

– a little plastic bucket

– plastic stacking picnic cups

– some spoons

– a stainless steel play pot and lid

And now the tops of my cabinets are covered with all my other, bigger jars- I have to stand on a stool to reach them, but at least I’m not trying to sort the pasta out from the rice at the end of each day, or keep Molly from eating the peanuts…