Practical Life One

hanging laundry

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This is the proud face of a baby who has just hung her first bit of wet laundry up to dry. See it there? The wrinkled little brown and white hankie draped carefully over the rack?

Laundry is one of the most time-consuming chores I have in my home, second only to cooking, and it’s pretty close at that.

I don’t have a dryer.
Amalia wears cloth diapers.
And I suppose our washer is on the small side, by American standards.

Almost every day I hang up a load first thing in the morning, and frequently there are more during the day.

And Amalia has been with me at it since the beginning- first in a sling, then pulling the laundry out of the basket and scattering it about, then passing me the laundry, then passing also the clothespins, and now, yesterday, contributing her own effort at the actual hanging.

So easy, so natural.
So beautiful.


3 Responses to “Practical Life One”

  1. alix Travis Says:

    Reminds me of you at 17 months, decorating our Christmas tree. You took ornaments from the box and carefully hung them on the bough of the tree. Yes, THE bough–you put all your ornaments in the same place. You were so sweet and having so much fun.

    love, mother

  2. scatteredmoments Says:

    I love it! Now if only I get a little helper at my house!

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