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Practical Life One

October 27, 2009

hanging laundry

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This is the proud face of a baby who has just hung her first bit of wet laundry up to dry. See it there? The wrinkled little brown and white hankie draped carefully over the rack?

Laundry is one of the most time-consuming chores I have in my home, second only to cooking, and it’s pretty close at that.

I don’t have a dryer.
Amalia wears cloth diapers.
And I suppose our washer is on the small side, by American standards.

Almost every day I hang up a load first thing in the morning, and frequently there are more during the day.

And Amalia has been with me at it since the beginning- first in a sling, then pulling the laundry out of the basket and scattering it about, then passing me the laundry, then passing also the clothespins, and now, yesterday, contributing her own effort at the actual hanging.

So easy, so natural.
So beautiful.


I know it’s Autumn because. . .

October 19, 2009


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the wool blankets are out on the bed and the throws on the couch
the sun casts long shadows all day, even at noon
the crazy wind blew all the pollution away last week
we ate roasted chestnuts last night
and the heat is on this morning!

Eleven months

October 14, 2009

at the park

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She eats with a spoon (messily)
She walks with her cart (all the time)
She loves cats (desperately)
She has six teeth
She has a tiny baby doll
She has a teddy bear
She cuddles with teddy and papà in EXACTLY the same way
She spends some time alone with her grandparents
She carries the laundry basket out to the balcony with her cart
She helps hang the laundry
She opens doors and takes things out
She loves to look at books
She eats just about anything,
but she LOVES her mama’s milk!


October 14, 2009


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i know it’s autumn because the corn harvest is happening,
leaving kernels all over,
the roar of tractors up and down the road all day,
and the smell of burning husks in the evening. . .


October 6, 2009


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Made compost bins
Planted cabbage
Planted onions
Planted leeks
Planted lettuce
Dug out quack grass
Manured beds
Mulched beds

Marigolds still going strong. . .
Chicory and parsley, too.


October 4, 2009

Putting in

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Reaching and taking, from us, from a basket, from the shelf has been going on in various forms for months.

A few weeks ago there were the first hesitant attempts to put things in, and then last week she began giving to us. And in these last days, an explosion of purposeful collection and sharing.

Who has really delved into the differences involved in these two gestures, giving and taking? What fundamental piece of human social life has sharpened into clarity for her?

The significance of these developments seems so huge, and yet I’ve never come across a mention of them in all of the child development I’ve read and studied.

To have your child take something you offer her is exciting; to watch her unload her toys from her basket a thrill. . . but to have her carefully collect the clothespins and put them on top of the chair and scoot around with them all?

To take the clean, wet diaper or the morsel of food offered you from her hand?

And the two together, gathering the acorns at the park and carefully passing each one to you?

Those are beautiful, heart-stopping moments