last bit of summer

last bit of summer

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the melancholy of autumn. . .

we have eaten the last little bits of summer in the form of cherry tomatoes and eggplants.

getting my garden beds laid out and put to rest for the winter, when i wont be working but the worms will. and there are lots of them (worms i mean) a dramatic improvement to the absolute lack in the spring. yey for organic matter!

plans for a sandbox and fenced off area for Molly.

plans, plans and more plans. . .


2 Responses to “last bit of summer”

  1. alix Travis Says:

    Ups! I had forgotten I was to send the plans for the sandbox. I have just copied them and will put them in the mail with my “interesting newspaper clips”.

    Love, Mother

  2. Anna Says:

    the melancholy of autumn, indeed—what an exquisite turn of phrase.

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