ten and a half months

piazza del campo

Originally uploaded by nonsonoitaliana

climbing up and down stairs.
trying so hard to stand and walk on her own.
walking behind her little cart, a chair, the table, anything pushable.
speaking: “bau” for dogs and other animals.
tasting ice cream.
eating with a fork (we put the food on the fork for her).
mimicking her mama writing with a pen and paper.
handing mama the wet laundry, peice by peice to hang up on the line to dry.

yes, dancing.
if i were not already completely in love, i would be now, with this little tiny person who dances to any and all music, and sings along when i sing.


2 Responses to “ten and a half months”

  1. alix Travis Says:

    Oh! I can’t wait until Amalia can help me hang laundry. It is one of the things Hallman and I do together. She has learned to open the clothes pins.


  2. alix Travis Says:

    I like to think that all that singing and dancing we did in her first few weeks had an impact!


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