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last bit of summer

September 30, 2009

last bit of summer

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the melancholy of autumn. . .

we have eaten the last little bits of summer in the form of cherry tomatoes and eggplants.

getting my garden beds laid out and put to rest for the winter, when i wont be working but the worms will. and there are lots of them (worms i mean) a dramatic improvement to the absolute lack in the spring. yey for organic matter!

plans for a sandbox and fenced off area for Molly.

plans, plans and more plans. . .


ten and a half months

September 24, 2009

piazza del campo

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climbing up and down stairs.
trying so hard to stand and walk on her own.
walking behind her little cart, a chair, the table, anything pushable.
speaking: “bau” for dogs and other animals.
tasting ice cream.
eating with a fork (we put the food on the fork for her).
mimicking her mama writing with a pen and paper.
handing mama the wet laundry, peice by peice to hang up on the line to dry.

yes, dancing.
if i were not already completely in love, i would be now, with this little tiny person who dances to any and all music, and sings along when i sing.


September 21, 2009


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We walked.
We drank tuscan wines.
We ate salami with fennel, pici with cheese and pepper, cookies with vino santo and other little treats.
We walked some more.
We climbed to the top of the faciata and looked down on the city and the countryside.
We gazed at the medieval friezes “Good Government” and “Bad Government.”
We walked some more.
We had apperitivi sitting on the graciously curved Piazza del Campo We attracted local families with children who stopped to play with Amalia. Who was cleaning the pavement with her knees and hands.
We drove through “la Crete” and visited a monastary blessed with freizes of Saint Benedict’s life.
We walked some more.

We returned home suntanned, tired and very much in love with the city of Siena.