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The party rocked

June 8, 2009

the party

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Baptism in Terno d’Isola is reminiscent of an assembly line factory on the brink of breakdown and chaos.

Thirteen babies, a rowdy and irreverent crowd of friends and family, one angry and frustrated priest, one disturbingly calm priest, a hot and humid day and the required decorum of clothing all combined to make a very stressful and uninspiring event for me.

Oh, and Amalia wanted to crawl up to the altar, grab the baby next to her and/or climb over the back of the pew where Manuel, the five-year-old son of her padrino and madrina was waiting with plastic figurines. . .

But the party afterward ROCKED.

The show of love for Amalia from her family and friends filled me with joy and gratitude.

And that joy and gratitude stayed with me up until the doctor at the public vaccination station slammed his hand on the table and yelled at me. That sort of dampened my rosy glow a bit. But it’s coming back now.


two days before her seventh month. . .

June 6, 2009

Amalia and broccolli leaf

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this baby has a tooth!

the garden

June 4, 2009

my broccolli

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Apparently broccoli is not spelled with two “l”s. Thank goodness for Flickr’s spell-check.

The garden is a mess.

The tomatoes suffered some kind of blight: either the manure, my father-in-law or rabbits. The bee-guy put forth the rabbit hypothesis and I’m going with that one, under great pressure. It reminds me of when I was teaching and everyone would tell me how great I was and I would try to tell them the truth (“No, really, it was a horrible day: I yelled at the kids, wasn’t organized for any lessons and let them use up my entire stash of colored paper and tape building “parks of horror.””), but no one wanted to listen.

Weeds are everywhere, which isn’t so bad except that the farmer felt it was so out-of-control that he was motivated to spray herbicide in part of my field. Luckily not next to my plants. Trying to work with others is REALLY REALLY HARD. Plus he took my water away today (?) and I couldn’t water anything. Sigh.

But there are many bright spots: the remaining tomatoes are pretty, and now carefully weeded and tied-up. The eggplants and peppers, while small, are healthy. The potatoes are robust and flowering. And the broccoli, beets and cabbage look beautiful.

Now I have to clean the house.

But lest you think it’s all work and no play, check out the photos from our perfect picnic on Tuesday!