Six Months

mothers day

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She eats broccolli, bannana, apple, pear, avocado on toast, pasta and beans and rice.
She scoots with great speed after things like cameras, phones and computers.
She had her second vaccinations and screamed bloody murder.
She had her first cold, much to her parents’ chagrin.
She made her first international flight.
She has become more patient with car travel.
She sits well on her own.
She holds both her feet.
Sometimes she sucks her thumb.
She bends forward and stretches quite far to reach things.
She likes to stand up, holding on to hands or stools or boxes or tables.
She likes to take things out of a basket and scatter them all around.
She likes to talk on the phone with papa’.
She is fascinated by her cousin Hallman.
She checks to make sure you are watching when she does something she’s proud of.
And then she smiles and laughs.
She grunts with excitement, a woof-woofing noise.
She cackles and squeals and coos and yells and whines and cries and sobs and mumurs.
When she cries she says, “mumm mumm mumm,” and breaks my heart.
When she first wakes up she lies in bed and coos and smiles and holds her feet and snuggles with papa’.
She is fabulous.
She is beautiful.
She is funny.
She is watchful.
She is curious.
She is Amalia.
She is Molly.

Amalia Amalia Amalia


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