Here now

Grandma, Amalia and Willy

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We are here, have been for four days. I think four days anyway- it’s all kind of blurry. A happy blur, tinged a little bittersweet because Ilario isn’t with us.

The trip was just plain old fine. Endless (18 hours door to door) but fine. I ran into a woman I knew and worked with in Cleveland, and she helped pass the last two hours on the plane. Lucky, that.

Amalia has been sick with a bad cold, on top of being out of sorts from the time change and location change and people change. She misses her papa’, she has difficulty breathing with her stuffy nose, her voice is raspy and low and she’s a bit cranky BUT she’s in love with her cousins and auntie, thrilled to be reunited with her grandma and soaking up her granddaddy’s sugar.

I am going to bed RIGHT NOW.


One Response to “Here now”

  1. anna Says:

    love you guys. wish i could meet amalia, too….here’s to cousins and kids and the next generation i general. 😉 PS—hallman is a cutie!

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