the unexpected

River Adda

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who knew i would have a father-in-law who would spend hours cutting sturdy saplings in the woods for me to build supports for my tomatoes and beans?

who knew i would have a mother-in-law who when asked if she wanted to try carrying her granddaughter in the sling would act as if she had been waiting for me to ask her just that for ages?

who knew i would have a husband who i hear sweet-talking, laughing and kissing his baby in bed on the weekends while i drink my coffee in the kitchen?

who knew that the elderly signora whose garden i am working this year, who i thought was so suspicious of me and my strange ways, would lean close and tell me i am doing exactly right keeping my baby close and letting her know i love her?

who knew that one day while walking with amalia i would be stopped by an elderly woman carrying groceries and speaking only bergamascan, and we would have an entire conversation about everything on earth, her in dialect and i in italian, and i would look into her eyes and see my grandmother?

who knew?


3 Responses to “the unexpected”

  1. alixhtravis Says:

    Life is full of nice surprises if one puts one’s self in a position to receive.


  2. Rachel Says:

    so so true!

  3. anna Says:

    i love how the seemingly radical ie baby-wearing is actually quite ancient and respected knowledge. it seems there are so many things like that in this ancient art of motherhood.

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