oh yes!

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amalia officially became a united states citizen on april 1, 2009.
no joke.

and the italian passport? still waiting. . . last i heard from the questura was a month and a half or more ago when they called to ask how tall she was. i pointed out that she was a baby and just in the time since we had submitted the application had grown considerably, and so we had left that part blank.

but discretion is not permitted and so i got out the tape measure and stretched amalia out on the bed while the woman waited. dont even remember how many centimeters.

i didnt bother to tell her that we said amalias eyes were brwn when in fact they are still changing. chances are they will be the dark brown-green with gold of her papa’, but thats not an option ive ever seen on any form.


oh, yes.


One Response to “passports”

  1. alixhtravis Says:

    and we are looking forward to your visit!

    Love, mother

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