Carrots and kiwis


Originally uploaded by nonsonoitaliana

so ive been really struggling over the whole solids-issue lately. the pressure from in-laws as well as absolutely complete strangers about feeding amalia her “pappa” has been grating on my nerves for MONTHS. but recently ive seen that she is very interested in what we are actually doing at the table, and i gave her water and i gave her grated apple and carrot and then just sort of felt stuck.

like, what the heck do i do now?

this is what i am doing now. very much the way i learned to eat solids (thanks, mom!) and very much in synch with my general attitude regarding amalia’s development.

which is cruising along at what feels like light speed now. transfering objects from hand to hand, supporting herself completely on knees and hands, scooting, sitting a bit and just a general character change that comes from being able to finally DO things.

oh, and the “quiet, alert” that was supposed to happen with a sling-carried baby? finally getting that, too. not sleeping so much when we are out, but watching, listening, ABSORBING.


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