Five months


Originally uploaded by nonsonoitaliana

She scoots across the floor.
She wriggles when nursing.
She sleeps in the twin bed next to ours for some of the night.
She loves to be outside: walking, working, or just on the balcony.
She loves to tear up paper.
She sits in her chair at the table, propped up with pillows.
She likes to drink water from a cup.
She smiles and laughs when her mama sings.
She pees and poops in the sink.
She is fascinated by the computer, cell and house phones.
She grabs everything.
She burned her foot when mama was baking.
She had her first vaccinations and screamed bloody murder.
She smiles at folks like they are the best in the world.
She gets very serious when she sees the camera.
Her hair has grown in a lot.
Her nails don’t grow as fast.
Her eyes are still changing.

Amalia Amalia Amalia


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