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things i am loving about my life right now:

1. amalia and i are outside for at least two solid hours a day, sometimes many more. our mornings are for the garden, arms bare and heads covered with sun hats, and our afternoons often include a walk.

2. my developing identity in my small town, independent of my husband and his family.

3. amalia’s and my relationship, the ease with which we move together through our shared day, shifting seamlessly through phases of working with her on my back, nursing, her on my hip in the sling involved in the work im doing, to nap time, to time on the mat playing with toys, and all the other things we do.

4. amalia’s expanding interest and involvement in the world around her. today she tasted apple, local apples, just a bit, finely grated. she was so excited and concentrated . . . like i had given her the greatest gift.

there is also great sadness now for me, too, as we watch the continuing disaster in abruzzo. nature’s disasters are so often exacerbated by our own human choices, actions, mistakes. ilario’s and my hearts go out to the folks struggling down there, and we will try to help the relief effort financially as well.


One Response to “right now”

  1. Rut Says:

    1-4: wonderful 🙂
    And happy 5 months, right now!

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