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Amalia reminds me of a Labrador retriever these days, always carrying something in her hand, often held to her mouth. some day ago (yesterday? Friday???) we left the house, wrapped up in my mom’s wool cape, and when we returned some time later I discovered she had been tightly gripping the gigantic whisk the whole time. . .

just when i thought i might break under too many things to do i had two lessons canceled, yesterday and today. still didnt get much done, at least not on the important list. you know, the grand list of large-things-that-need-to-be-done-so-my-life-will-be-perfect. that one.

so i had some time to order lingerie online (sexy nursing bras!), to order photo albums from the last two years, to finish a crochet ball for amalia, to shovel nasty cow manure onto two of the raised beds, and to read my report cards from elementary school.

oh, yes, my report cards from elementary school.

because its not enough that i am a citizen of the usa, but i must have lived there five years in order for amalia to become a citizen.

these are the kinds of things you dont know until you do.

and one would think it would be easy to prove this, given that i lived there 28 years. but no, because of sporadic employment and a determination to not keep “unnecessary” crap about i have had quite a bit of difficulty scraping together the proof.

so today arrived the fed ex package from my mother with said elementary records. and strangely enough, they are all from the FIRST semester of each school year. no seconds at all. what the?

but all the various odds and ends i have should add up to more than five years and amalia will get her citizenship. after another trip to milan. maybe tomorrow or thursday.


2 Responses to “elemenatry school”

  1. anna Says:

    crochet ball toy is gorgeous…

  2. Rut Says:

    Love the image of Amalia ready to make the batter…
    Good luck with your next visit to the embassy!

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