weekend and vaccinations


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Drinking hot chocolate and getting ready for an early night.

It was a fun, busy weekend, made all the more exciting by the recent acceptance of my need to reduce the caffeine in my life. Back down to one cup in the early morning. Some highlights:

1. Got to play sophomore and took Rut and Irene to Fontanella for a walk in the sun on Friday.

2. Watched a movie Saturday evening. Don’t remember what it was, though. . .

3. Drank Bordeaux with hamburgers on Sunday.

And then today Amalia and I rode the train to Ponte for her first round of vaccinations. The train was half an hour late, contributing to my considerable anxiety, but I held together well.

Amalia screamed in outrage with the shot, but was easily consoled. She’s been ok the rest of the day, maybe a little grumpy but not much.

I, on the other hand, was a mess inside. My stomach hurt so badly when we went into the office I thought I might be sick, and I was pretty shaky afterwards from the, well, the what? Not sure really.

The doctor kept asking me why why why and finally I said, I have already had a meeting about this and explained it all and Honestly I can’t do it right now.

Next time there will be two shots. Trying not to think about that. Next month.

Had an ice cream while waiting for the train home.


2 Responses to “weekend and vaccinations”

  1. Rut Says:

    If I knew you’d been to Ponte, I’d have invited you for a cup of tea and a chat…next time maybe?

  2. alixhtravis Says:

    It does look like a fun day.

    love, Mother

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