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Amalia and me

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My Italian class is based around music and last week we talked about lullabies.

I was the only one out of five mothers to know any and sing them to her child.

So I sang two in class, one in Italian and one in English.

Each time, the children in the room grew still, and listened attentively.

It gave me chills.

What is it about song? I don’t have a beautiful voice and I don’t think I stay in key or even hit the right notes the majority of the time but Amalia loves when I sing- she smiles and stares and stares. Sometimes she laughs with joy.

I want to fill my day with songs- a song to wake up with (this one I have: Morning Has Broken), one for making breakfast and another for cleaning up afterwards; a song for laundry and a song for cooking; a bath song and a garden song and a walking song. . . do these exist? How do i find them?

I can’t offer Amalia fancy music with instruments, but I can share my voice with her.


3 Responses to “My music”

  1. anna Says:

    the Waldorf education method has a song for EVERYTHING. a walking to the bathroom song, a baking bread song, a song for a spring morning, a song for a muddy day, a song for st nick’s day etc…

  2. kristi Says:

    There is an excellent songbook called “Rise Up Singing”. I found a wonderful gardening song in there that I sing with my kids. Unfortunately, if you don’t have a cd of the music, they can be difficult to figure out. Fortunately, there are a few people on who are going through the entire book and recording the songs for the public to access. So if you have a good enough internet connection, you could simply look up the videos on youtube under “Rise Up Singing”.
    Your blog is so inspiring, Rachel. I am so impressed by your initiative and it makes me look forward to (hopefully) having a baby soon!

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