last week wrap-up and today

anna and amalia

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My farmer Marco’s father passed away this weekend.
I went to his funeral today, leaving Amalia with her nonna.
Who called me about 25 minutes later to come home because the baby was HYSTERICAL.
Gotta work on that.

Things that happened last week that I didn’t find time to write about:
1. Finally made a successful application for maternity pay, after five trips to the social security office (INPS) and a total of about four hours waiting time, a lot of struggle and heartache in Italian on various fronts.

2. Met with a doctor and nurse at the national health care agency and worked out a compromise vaccination schedule for Amalia that we are all comfortable with. While the doctor did spend several minutes telling us how the public system cannot possibly accommodate requests of the sort, leading to a tense exchange of the why-on-earth-did-you-make-us-come-here-then?-sort, this ended up being a really empowering experience for both Ilario and me.

3. Met with Ruth and Irene for the crafts fair, which had a disturbing tendency towards decoupage and beads, and kit-style crafting in general. I did find a source for cotton quilt batting and saw lots of inspiring patchwork stuff and bought some cheap 100%wool. And basically just enjoyed hanging out with Ruth and her baby!


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