Four months

four months

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These two people. . . what can I say? Too much for words.

She likes to sleep on her belly.
She stays asleep on her own.
She rolls from belly to back by accident.
She laughs and laughs.
She “talks” and “talks.”
She expects to dance with papa’ every evening and gets VERY annoyed if he is lax.
She must be home in the evenings, no exceptions.
She must be in bed at 8 pm, few exceptions.
She likes to ride my hip in the sling while I go about business in the home or out.
She pees and poops in the sink sometimes.
She smiles at strangers.
She can reach for things.
She can hold things.
She likes to grab the placemat.
She likes to drop the placemat.
She is really only happy when held by mama or papa’, much to everyone else’s chagrin.
She hates the car, and usually lets you know right away.
She is starting to pay attention to what we DO.
She is a happy baby.
She is a beautiful baby.
She is our baby.

Amalia Amalia Amalia


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