italian class

italian class

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yesterday felt less like a get-up-and-go-type of day than a stay-home-and-knit-type, what with the rain and the gloom. so we mostly did that, along with some work on the blurb photo albums im trying to get together for the last three years of my life. almost four, actually.

we did head out to the library in the early afternoon for my italian class. terno is sponsoring (is that the right word/idea?) language classes for foreign women. i love this, the fact that they are doing it at all, and that its just for women, which means children are great and nursing is just normal.

we are five in my intermediate class, me and four women, all from morocco, all with small children (one seven months pregnant). all friendly and curious about the american.

south american? asked one.

no, north: the united states.

yep, the eternal surprise on folks faces, like, WHY are you here when you could be there?

ah, well, this little thing happened called falling in love and here i am.


3 Responses to “italian class”

  1. Rut Says:

    That “WHY” sounds VERY familiar πŸ˜‰
    fantastic boots in the last blog, you’re bound to grow happy vegetables in them πŸ˜‰

  2. alixhtravis Says:

    I love that story.


  3. anna Says:

    you are a natural blogger. i love keeping up with your life this way…so many cool things going on.

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