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Sunday morning I went for a walk, leaving Ilario and Amalia at home. Some few minutes by myself, walking one of the routes I developed while pregnant, a little shorter than the longest one, almost half of it through fields behind the house.

Ran into Marco, the farmer, who pulled his tractor over to the side of the road to chat with me about the garden and the hoop house.

Walked past the pig farm, and decided that pigs make me vaguely uneasy, especially the young adult ones that have a decidely awkward body shape and squinty eyes.

Walked past the sprawling farm house and its outbuildings, past the apartments in the middle of the farms, past all the garbage strewn all over the fields.

Turned and walked along the little stone and mud path/road, past the strange space that maybe used to be a vegetable garden and now looks like a secret grove in the middle of nothing, a patch of grass surrounded by a fence of trees, a few plastic chairs stacked up under a plastic roof.

Walked through the mix of plowed soil and last years corn stalks.

Passed the Madonna del campo, and headed home.

Where Amalia was trying hard not to fall asleep in her papa”s arms.


One Response to “Sunday”

  1. alixhtravis Says:

    It’s so nice to have made that walk with you several times last Nov. and Dec. because now I can feel like I took the walk with you yesterday.

    love, mother

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