2009 February 041

Originally uploaded by nonsonoitaliana

100 paper pots made yesterday using these directions, sort of. I tried wetting the paper first, but it fell apart when I handled it afterwards, so I dunked the dry pot in the sink instead. Worked pretty well.

54 pots seeded today with marigolds and dwarf zinnias, three seeds per pot.

Seeded broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, head lettuce, chicory, onions and leeks in flat trays. Maybe jumping the gun with the cauliflower but I just don’t know. . . the seasons are so different.

Green manure seeds ordered and arrived- got to go pick them up Saturday. All my seeds are coming from a Bergamo-based company, Franchi, and all my purchasing done via a small agricultural consortium in nearby Madone. Nothing organic or exotic- I’m going the local route.

So busy I hardly have time to think.


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