"my" dirt

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This is a little ball of the soil I will be working with. . . what do you think? It looks a lot like clay, doesn’t it? its very wet here still, and I need to take a real sample, but it looks like there isn’t much organic matter at all.

I went back to my farmer (I don’t even know his name!) to ask him if I could use the small hilltop field he had offered me instead of the garden plot and he said yes.

We arranged for him to till (but not plow), just enough to shred the corn stalks that are there and bury them. He will also bring me manure and straw. The straw really confounded him but he said he will do it.

Tried to explain that I would use “green manures” but that was a linguistic nightmare on top of the cultural divide (gaping chasm) separating our different ways of operating.

I walked up the hill with sleeping Amalia and walked around, looking, feeling, absorbing, picking up this little bit of soil to bring home with me.

I’m thinking seed balls to sow the unused parts of the field with green manures, and I’m rounding up folks to help me and locate sources of seeds and clay.

I can hardly sleep at night.


2 Responses to “dirt”

  1. alixhtravis Says:

    I suspect that the Bergamo seed savers you have located will be a resource to other growers who use more “natural” methods of farming and also to written sources. These sources will be in Italian and will then give you the terminology to better communicate with “your” farmer.


  2. anna Says:

    new baby=creative explosion

    do you remember me telling you that???

    you are amazing. i miss you daily.

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