amalia’s hands

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amalia has been so into her hands the last two weeks, and i find myself wondering what she will do with these hands of hers as she grows, when she is grown. . . which is like another way of wondering who she will be, because who we are is in our hands, in the work we do with our hands.

my own hands can do so many things, but often, especially since i moved my life here, i have felt they were not busy enough, not doing the work they were capable of.

in the last two weeks, so many things have been happening, coming together in really beautiful ways. this morning, early, we got a response to my garden flier.


a BIG garden, very near, part of a farm. the man was quite surprised when we showed up to meet him and see the space. he was expecting “an old, retired man” (his exact words, translated), and instead got a young american woman with a three-month-old baby strapped to her chest. after his initial shock, he became quite enthusiastic.

will i ever stop being the opposite of what people expect?

i am so happy. . .


One Response to “Work”

  1. Alix H. Travis Says:

    I believe I am as excited as you!!!!

    Love, mother

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