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be still my heart

January 28, 2009

eleven and a half weeks

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ive been:

1. knitting A LOT
2. baking bread
3. baking and eating cookies
4. organizing and hosting a knitting group
5. creating a pretty cool flier for garden-sharing
6. cleaning up other people’s trash in front of my building

7.  nursingsingingchangingdiaperslovingmybaby



January 16, 2009

terno d’isola

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i do get out of the house, you know. . .
everday, actually.
sometimes twice!

but i never go very far.


January 9, 2009

9 weeks (almost)

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most perfect thing at just the right time:

amalia loves her “dangle and drape”, a baby gym from haba. i chose it because i can select the things that dangle rather than being constricted to those a toy designer chose. and i can rotate them.

at the moment there is a bell toy that came with the thing, extended with elastic so she can hit it with her hands. unintentionally, of course. there has also been a musical star, and my black and white mobile peices.

right now she stays under it for ten minute stretches, sometimes more, sometimes less.

two months

January 8, 2009

snow day

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she lifts her head to look around

she smiles and smiles (especially at her papà)

she has many different voices for hunger, frustration, contentment, pain, fear, joy, boredom, and more

she likes to lie on her back, away from mama sometimes

she nurses frequently but not for so long

she stays awake sometimes on our daily walks

she likes to look at light

she likes the bath but not getting out

she has lost her startle reflex

she burps and farts A LOT

amalia amalia amalia

moon boots!

January 7, 2009

moon boots!

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my thrifty italian man pulled out his MOONBOOTS last night to shovel the apartment driveway.

as if this wasnt exciting enough for me (who was never able to buy a pair when they were the thing, way back when), my neighbor, a very normal woman of middle age, had her sliver ones on this morning to tromp downtown in.

i could hardly contain myself.

sadly, it will be the last winter for ilarios- they are falling apart after he shoveled the front walk today.

shoveling snow is not a normal thing anymore in these parts. i made him stay home from work because folks dont know how to drive in the snow and its way dangerous, no snow plows, just random tractors trying to clear the roads and lots of little cars going to fast in the hard paked snow and even a few scooters scooting about.

coffee cup

January 5, 2009

coffee cup

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I bought two of these espresso cups from an artisan in Venice when I was a student here in 2004. Never dreamed I’d bring them out and start using them for the first time as a mother, married and living in small town Italy.

Love the coffee cups.

Love the new stretchy wrap Amalia and I have been using the last two days.

Love that despite feeling overwhelmed, somehow I am crafting, cooking and cleaning- what’s up with that?

Love the frozen fog that covered absolutely everything this morning.

Love ravelry which is saving my lonely soul right now.