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Christmas crochet

December 26, 2008

Christmas crochet

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(please ignore the dramatic angle of my child’s head in this photo)

a whole day of family, eating, talking, nursing, rocking, and sharing the baby.

except when she cried or as the evening wore on and folks moved on to other things like cards. that’s what being a mother is all about, right? she’s mine ALL the time, even when she’s with someone else.

i had time to decide to frog my entire knitting project and start over from scratch- an intense decision as i have so little time and what few inches there were represented days of knitting. oh well.

today is a day of rest for ilario and routine for amalia. and me? just the same.


nursing and knitting

December 23, 2008

new pants/longies

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i am knitting with amalia.

it isnt easy or fast (neither is blogging one-handed!), but it is very satisfying. i actually finished four christmas presents on-time, but the children will get theirs from amazon.

amalia. what can i say?

good bye

December 11, 2008

week two

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she left this morning,
the midwife to my motherhood,
my daughter’s grandmother,
my mother.

thank you.

One month

December 9, 2008


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She gazes at faces.
She turns to see speakers.
She says “oh” and “ah.”
She smiles and smiles and smiles.
She cries when tired, hungry, uncomfortable or bored.
She sleeps.
She nurses.
She burps. A LOT.
She holds onto fingers.
She sleeps on her side.
She slithers in her sleep ’till she is curled up next to a warm body.
She is one month old.

Amalia Amalia Amalia

some things

December 3, 2008

week four

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Some sunshine, a walk in the sling and a few photos.

Unfinished Christmas presents weighing on my mind, an argument with my daughter regarding her reluctance to nap and her desire to play with my nipples in a most aggravating manner.

Amalia Amalia Amalia