finished ohio star quilt

Originally uploaded by nonsonoitaliana

Blue seems to be a theme lately, and I suppose it accurately reflects the mood, though not the volition.

It just won’t stop raining.

The baby is content to stay inside. Yesterday I explained how perfect it would be if it was born on such a joyful day, but to no avail. So, due date come and gone.

My midwife Nadia called me on Tuesday to see how things were, and one of the others will come by today for a check-up. She encouraged me to get out and do some tiring physical activity, so I rode my bike to Ponte San Pietro in the rain to buy the bias tape I needed to finish my Ohio Star Quilt. Yesterday I went for a LONG walk (in the rain, of course), and today I’ll head out again. But honestly, my baby is used to me doing these things, and I don’t see what difference it can make.

I am anxious and BLUE.


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