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November 27, 2008

week three

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1. the sun that dries amalia’s diapers

2. my family that has enveloped my daughter in the same love they have always reserved for me

3. the nap that allowed me to make cookies and clean house a bit today

4. my husband who sings to his baby, holds her hand while watching nba games, and wears her in a sling

5. amalia amalia amalia


week two

November 22, 2008

week two

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two weeks:

above photo of a rare moment away from the breast.
typing with one hand while ilario straightens up the house.
laundry sitting in a plastic bucket on the floor, waiting to be hung.
a good night’s sleep with baby in arms, loosely attached mouth to nipple.
my mother come to mother me and grandmother my daughter.
a few adventures outside the home: on foot in sling, by car in car seat.
always relieved to return home, to return to nursing.
lanolin my new best friend.
amalia amalia amalia.


November 17, 2008

week one, day one

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My baby.


November 7, 2008

baby mat, “topponicino,” grandma’s blanket

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So many comforts yesterday:

-Sunshine on my long walk, and enough in the afternoon to take some photos

-A visit from the midwife, and some talking which led me back to a state of patience and calm

-Long phone calls from my mother, Anna and Amparo

-Two friends over; one to help clean house and the other a surprise visit that led to tea and cookies

-A washed and sun-dried quilt spread out on the bed

-Vegetable soup for dinner, followed by a basketball game and crochet


November 6, 2008

finished ohio star quilt

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Blue seems to be a theme lately, and I suppose it accurately reflects the mood, though not the volition.

It just won’t stop raining.

The baby is content to stay inside. Yesterday I explained how perfect it would be if it was born on such a joyful day, but to no avail. So, due date come and gone.

My midwife Nadia called me on Tuesday to see how things were, and one of the others will come by today for a check-up. She encouraged me to get out and do some tiring physical activity, so I rode my bike to Ponte San Pietro in the rain to buy the bias tape I needed to finish my Ohio Star Quilt. Yesterday I went for a LONG walk (in the rain, of course), and today I’ll head out again. But honestly, my baby is used to me doing these things, and I don’t see what difference it can make.

I am anxious and BLUE.


November 2, 2008

Sunday morning

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I allow myself two cups of tea on Saturday and Sunday mornings.

This usually results in greater-than-usual-excitement for the morning’s activities (market on Saturday and crocheting and a walk this particular Sunday).

Some VERY cool making of stuff going on that I can’t properly photograph because the intention is gifts. I don’t think I’ve been so productive in my entire life, really.

And an afternoon of making dish soap, deoderant and rosemary tincture with friends, the result of our field trip last weekend. I’m exhausted. Looking forward to tonight’s pizza and movie on the couch.