plain ol’ bread

plain ol’ bread

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I bake a lot: all of our bread-stuffs are made in our own kitchen: tortillas/chapatis, biscuits, cookies, cakes, muffins, popovers, cornbread and plain ol’ bread.

Unfortunately, I don’t have proper bread pans because of a cultural disconnect (they seem to be unavailable in my area), so I’ve put Lisa on it and she’ll be scouring the thrift stores in Cleveland for me.

Yesterday was a rainy day, filled with long phone conversations (my mother in the early afternoon and Amparo in the evening), bread baking, soup making, a walk in the rain and machine quilting. About a third of the way done with the quilting.

I’m finding I’m not bored at all being at home, just lonely. The phone and email help a lot with that, and I think I’ll be able to make it through this wait without going crazy.


One Response to “plain ol’ bread”

  1. Alix H Travis Says:

    Last year I made many loaves of bread, loosely formed on purpose. I like the spreading shape. My recipe was a quick white bread, made without long periods of raising and no kneading. The recipe was contained in a article in the NY Times. I have seen several versions of it elsewhere. Evidently a baker wrote a bread baking book about bread and this process.

    Brennan makes hers in pans, very traditionally shaped.


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