All day

Basting quilt

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Oh, boy.

I can’t make it to work anymore. . . walking has become a slow and exhausting process FOR REAL, and my hour-long commute each way is just too much.

So I’m down to just waiting, all day, every day, alone except for the evenings.

I have finished more projects in the last few weeks than I probably have in my whole life. My mother always complains that I never finish anything- that accusation won’t cut so deep now because I am all about finishing.

This quilt, for example: I hand pieced the top more than a year ago and then it just sat around, sometimes spread out on the bed so I could just look at it, but mostly folded up in the closet.

I got it out two days ago, finished piecing a backing and spent all day today basting the layers together. On the floor, legs spread wide to make room for the baby.

That’s another project I’m busy finishing, too. Feels like I must be done, but I guess there are finishing touches still to go. . .


One Response to “All day”

  1. Alix H Travis Says:

    Thanks for putting my painting at the top of your blog. Looks good.

    The quilt looks beautiful; I am glad you are finishing it. We always talk about the visual beauty of a quilt but the part I like best is the comfort of sleeping under one. Nothing beats the pleasure of the weight and warmth when napping under a quilt on a cold, grey afternoon. Emma, the cat, always sleeps on top of me and likes for me to cover her up with the quilt when I slide out from under her. She will stay asleep for hours after I have risen.

    I look forward to napping under yours soon.

    Love, mother

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