Verdze e spinaci

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While the world falls apart around me in all the various ways, I find a lot of comfort in small-ish things that seem proof that life is inherently beautiful and good:

-Local foods produced by small farmers (spinach and cabbage above).

-A field trip with my buying co-op to learn about natural soaps, detergents and cosmetics.

-A “time bank” with my friend Patrizia- we’ll be exchanging English lessons with help around the house and with the baby.

-The midwives who came to my home on Thursday and supported every decision I have made, leaving me feeling strong and confident.

-The new person inside me, almost ready to come into the world, all new and curious and trusting.

I think having a child, consciously having a child, is one of the greatest leaps of faith and hope that I can make in my life. I have to truly BELIEVE in the future, in our ability to make better decisions and change in order to do this. And I do.


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