Diapers (nappies, pannolini) and stuff

diaper stuff

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Ilario keeps working late, burritos are all prepared for dinner except for the tortillas, the baby is calm in my belly, and I am done putzing around the apartment…

Mostly I have been knitting, A LOT of knitting, but also some sewing during our evening ball games (which have taken an unexpected turn to American football- the NFL? I thought I married an Italian?).

I have a bunch of completed and lanolized diaper covers (all a sort of conservative gray yarn that I had originally intended to be a sweater, some many months ago), some sewn diaper covers made from felted sweaters, and a couple that are just cut sweaters that are theoretically very-easy-to-use-diaper-wraps. We’ll see about that.

And I sewed a cover for a basket I picked out of the trash this summer here in Terno- it’s now my diaper basket, holding all my expensive and fluffy Kissaluvs diapers.

Yesterday we bought yet another kind of drying rack, one that fits in the tub, so I am guaranteed a place to dry the endless wet diapers I know are in my near future.

Can I just say that one of the best things about Italy is the variety and affordability of all the contraptions for drying clothes? It is totally NORMAL to dry clothes here- I am so used to being a freak about everything, and yet here, this most radical and important (and easy) energy-saving behavior is absolutely MUNDANE. I have a tall, folding rack that can hold an enormous amount and be moved indoors or out, a balcony railing rack, and now my tub rack.

Just thrilling, I know. This is my life. Diapers and drying racks and WAITING.


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One Response to “Diapers (nappies, pannolini) and stuff”

  1. Anna Says:

    i DO find it thrilling…i feel like i could talk for at least three days on drying racks alone.

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