Nancy’s baby quilt, back

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It may not seem like it from my silly blog, but I have been busy… so busy that it became too busy and yesterday just about killed me.

Today is a couch day, and probably tomorrow will be, too. We’ve got to hang on about another week, or no home birth. So we’ve been talking, or rather, I’ve been talking and explaining that I will rest if it will wait. A compromise. Since I’m pretty persuasive, probably things will stretch out ’till the middle of November and I’ll be reduced to begging…

But in the meantime I’m making busy with sewing and knitting and organizing and other general nesting bits and bobs. And pre-season NBA games every evening and a lovely husband who takes it in stride when he comes home from work and his very pregnant wife is stuck in the tub trying to relax and make the contractions stop and declares they have to order pizza. Not only does he take it in stride, but in fact suggests quite calmly that he MAKE the pizza rather than ordering out. They broke the mold after making this one, let me tell you.


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2 Responses to “busy”

  1. Jack del Gas Says:

    Ma che bello! Vedo solo ora il tuo blog!!! come stai? tutto bene? dai che ci siamo quasi… un grosso in bocca al lupo e chissà che prima o poi (in questa vita che si sta facendo sempre più virtuale causa impegni lavorativi massacranti) non ritorni a farmi vivo…
    Un saluto

  2. Francesca Salvi Says:

    Carissima Rachel,

    tanti,tanti complimenti e auguri ! Hai fatto una splendida bambina e le hai dato un bellissimo nome ottocentesco, molto dolce e romantico! Nella mia famiglia ci sono ben tre Amalie, tutte donne eccezionali. E chissà la tua! Un bacione,
    Francesca ( A.RI.BI.).

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