Late September

Pear with figs, no. 2

Originally uploaded by ahtravis

Fall arrived a couple of weeks ago with several days of serious rain. Bergamo is putting on its seasonal colors: gray, green, brown and yellow (the gray of the streets and sky; the green of the grass and weeds in the parks and fields; the brown of the trees and earth; the yellow of the sun and some leaves).

Grapes are in full season (do you know what it is to eat grapes here in Italy? They are exquisite, indescribable really; nothing like the sad versions at home) as are apples and squash, while the plums and peaches are tapering off. Soon the figs and the chestnuts will appear. . . oh, the anticipation!

Ripening metaphors could easily and accurately be applied to me. My baby growing inside is filling me out like just about any fruit you can think of (except maybe a banana).

I have been busy in a slow way (does that seem contradictory to you?), though my blog doesn’t reflect any of this. . . I will try to write more.


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