some feet-up-time

24 weeks

Originally uploaded by nonsonoitaliana
This last week and a half has been FULL. Two days in Brooklyn with Brennan unpacking boxes and arranging furniture in the latest remodel, then upstate for some serious family time, commuting back and forth between my folks and Brennan’s nest. Two concerts and some jam-making thrown into the mix, and I have been busy, busy. It’s slowed down a bit because B took everybody to the beach for almost a week, so I’ve had some feet-up time in the last couple of days.

My belly keeps growing, slow and steady, and the baby’s movements are also slower and heavier. 24 weeks! I’m truly enjoying it now, and am astonished at how slow and dreamy I am… I could easily drift through the days, shopping at the farmer’s market here, occasionally cooking a dinner or hanging laundry, reading, walking along the country roads, and just sitting and thinking. I’ve never been so slow. It feels good.



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