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It may be that the most expensive aspect of this pregnancy will end up being the cost of fruit. Veg is rather reasonable, and certainly there are fruits available which carry a modest price tag, but who wants to eat bananas, apples and oranges all the time? Certainly not me. My tastes range into the peaches and cherries field, after having gotten sick of strawberries.

At least four times a week I have to stop at either the green grocer in Bergamo or the one here in Terno piazza. My average consumption seems to be two peaches and a half kilo of cherries, plus whatever odds and ends of other fruit is lying about. And it would be more.

If I didn’t have the money, I think I would steal the fruit.


One Response to “everyday”

  1. anna thornton-taylor Says:

    i feel you, i was motivated to write POETRY about the grapefruit. its color, its texture, its taste, its everything. i wonder if the cherries are in season here yet?

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