al fresco

al fresco

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So many things I have been wanting to write about but the rain just wouldn’t let up and I couldn’t get any photos AT ALL and so couldn’t write.

Thursday at the bakery in piazza a gypsy woman came in to ask for food. The owner politely greeted her and offered her bread. Civility reigns still in some parts of Italy, anyway.

Friday on the Metro in Milan, an old woman got angry when a young gypsy boy got on to play his fiddle and beg. She was complaining that we shouldn’t let him on, he shouldn’t be there, they were dangerous. I said the boy wasn’t a danger to us, and she got defensive, saying the television said we shouldn’t let them on the train. Ah, the television. . .

Saturday I went to Bergamo to meet with ten of the students and help them make a hypothetical lesson plan for a class. . . I have no idea what they think of me. . . probably all illusions of my wisdom are shattered. I suppose that’s a good thing.

Sunday we discovered a beautiful walk along our little local creek, the Buliga. Got turned around and ended up back at the house almost two hours after we left. Slept the rest of the day.

This morning I woke up and put the sourdough bread (that I had been waiting for a day and a half to rise) into the oven first thing. It’s really, really good, but, I mean, a day and a half? That’s a bit slow. Even for me.

Tonight we are having my mom’s version of eggplant parmesean, with spaghetti. On the balcony. Yes, I can now eat pasta, and sometimes cook. But this morning Ilario said “lasagna” and I had to run to the bathroom to vomit. . . only 5 more moths or so to go!


2 Responses to “al fresco”

  1. anna thornton-taylor Says:

    i love that foto–red is my favorite color. and geraniums are my favorite outdoor house pot plants. love you

  2. alix Travis Says:

    I love the photo! My poppies are up and a few are forming buds but no color. I am dying to see red. I have planted red zennias to form a long shape through my garden with bee balm and tiger lillies. Should be blooming when you get here.

    Love, mother

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