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Peanut butter and jelly sandwich on wholewheat bread.
Sliced carrots.
Sound familiar?
Or how about:
Breakfast cereal with fresh fruit and whole milk.
Hard cheese with whole wheat bread, always the sliced veg and a peice of fruit.
Nuts and fruit for snacks.
Hard boiled eggs with salt.
Hummus and pita bread.
Does this remind anyone of school-days’ food?
The only things that work for me are uncooked, cold, fresh food.
And water, water, water.
I couldn’t drink water for a month and a half, but now that I can I can’t get enough.

So what is it about these foods? Are they simply so familiar to my body after an entire childhood spent eating them, that despite a break of many years they have re-established themselves as a kind of comfort food? (Not that I ever stopped eating fruit, but definitely I was much more into green and non-sweet veg as an adult) Or are these foods so simple and non-threatening that my system feels safe and accepts them?

Nothing much else will stay down for more than a few hours. But honestly I am not worried anymore because while I definitely ate a good cooked dinner every evening as a child, I do believe these staples are enough. I FEEL good, and I just plain don’t when I eat vegetables, meat, pasta, etc. Gotta listen to the logic of that, now don’t I?


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