Bike Ride in Bergamo with children


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I am finally emerging out of the dark place I’ve been in for the last three months. Tentatively at first, at the end of April, but now with increasing confidence and enthusiasm.

I have left the tv behind, although not quite the bed (it still holds me close for a good part of most afternoons), and am starting to DO things again. Clean up the plants on the balcony, buy some flowers for the railing boxes, clean the house a bit, eat at the table with Ilario… small steps.

I need to do some serious meditation about food- so much of my attention and energy has gone into figuring out what I can eat and how to get it. Next time.

This morning in Bergamo with all the family and their young children was fabulous. I have to admit the balloons and copious quantities of other throw-away crap like plastic UNICEF flags was distressing (why must children always be associated with brightly-colored junk?), but the event itself was great. We passed other children on the sidewalks with their parents, green with envy, and made many many adults smile. The kids were hardcore, and the smallest (maybe 4 years old?) impressed me the most, working so hard to move her bike over the cobblestones of Borgo Palazzo.

It was so refreshing to see so many folks who think riding bikes with their children is not only really fun,but totally possible. Loved it.


One Response to “Bike Ride in Bergamo with children”

  1. anna Says:


    back in the land of the living, eh? i told you its hard work!

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