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I’ve been having a hard time writing.
No, It’s bigger than that. I’ve been have a hard time THINKING, concentrating on anything for more than a few minutes. I can’t even read properly.
Maybe the fever knocked it out of me.
Or maybe there is something else going on? More on that possibility later…
Finally got out on a bike for the first time this year. Except I was all alone with a bunch of Milanese- everyone else from Bergamo, including my husband copped out because of a bit of rain early Sunday morning. Well, ok, whole heck of a lot of rain. But if Sweden did anything positive for me at all it was to give me a set of decent rain gear, so I rode through the driving rain to the station and caught the 8 o’clock train to Milan. And by the time I arrived the rain had stopped.

Riding through Milan on Sunday morning is something I highly recommend: it was peaceful, quiet, little traffic, just a few folks here and there walking to church. The air was clean because of the recent rain. Really, really lovely.

And I got some ideas for when Anna Bess visits in two weeks…


2 Responses to “Concentration”

  1. anna Says:

    i cant believe i am actually going to be there in two weeks…do you have an extra bici?

  2. ilario Says:

    actually, i tried to meet Rachel (and all the folks from our cycling group) on her way back from milan to bergamo in the afternoon by bike. but in the middle of my ride i’ve received a phone call from Rachel telling me that she was already home and that nobody from bergamo was there.
    … hope next ride will be better.

    ciao bella and ciao Anna.

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