Brennan making pie

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Surely there has been too much these last few days.

Friday was a whirlwind: I rode the train into Manhattan for breakfast with Dad, early, then right back to Brooklyn to help Brennan pack the car and then we were off to pick up the kids and drive upstate, hitting a mega-craft store, Dunkin Donuts and Eileen Fisher on the way. Ate dinner at a saloon rocking hard with the Friday night crowd.

This morning was slow, hanging out on the couch, but I followed it up with some time at Mom and Dad’s (senza Mom and Dad, of course) going through stuff of mine and theirs, searching for my Grandma’s collection of knitting needles.

I ending up sobbing. Sobs that increased in volume and intensity as I remembered that I was in a big American house, no neighbors on the other side of the wall to hear me. Cried as hard and loud as I could, then went upstairs and found the box of needles I had been looking for for the past two hours…



3 Responses to “Saturday”

  1. alix Travis Says:

    I am so glad you found the knitting needles.

    Love, mother

  2. ilario Says:

    ciao bella,
    don’t know if you meant it to be, but you wrote ‘senza’ instead of ‘without’.
    … but wait , this is my first comment in your blog!

    love you so much.

  3. anna Says:

    i love family…

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