tea with mom and dad and brennan

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I am up before dawn with my brother-in-law Brian, and reviewing my day of travel and arrival yesterday…The flight was quite possibly the best ever I’ve ever had: kudos to Alitalia, who gave me three seats to myself on a half empty plane (the lingering benefit of years of bancrupcy and a recent takeover by AirFrance that has left the future of the used-to-be-state-owned company in doubt? or the result of flying on a Monday?), individual movie screen, and edible food.

Arrived cheerful and energetic, ready to immerse myself immediately into sisterly discussion and ruminations which lasted until bedtime, interrupted, or rather moderated, only by the addition of parents for teatime and an early dinner, and time out for me to hang with the small ones.

Rubber stamps: success. Too late discovered that the ink included is indelible- what is that all about? Surely Italy knows about water-soluble ink for children?

Baking set: success. Hallman was in a daze of ecstasy and played all evening with her “kitchen” (taking time to cover herself and her white sweater with the indelible ink from the dinosaur stamps, of course).

Lots of playing, lots of drawing and stamping and talking, two books and a long bath-time, and I am feeling much loved and appreciated by both niece and nephew. Especially treasured was the look of awe and tone of admiration in McCready when he discovered I had made the little washcloth with an M on it for him.

I ADORE Hallman and McCready.


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