reading albums again

reading albums again

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Not bad, eh?

To spend all day seated here, slogging my way through Montessori albums, sliding little slips of paper with comments into the plastic sleeves, trying to understand each student’s particular style, mode of expression, manner of organization and layout, trying to figure out if they have all that they need… and nothing to guide me except my own album. Whose faults and insufficiencies have become not only glaringly but depressingly obvious in the last year and a half.

I only finished one.

Ilario’s work in China has been postponed till the 18th. The best laid plans… what to do about my trip to New York? Try to change the tickets? Accept that my efforts to avoid being alone while apart from Ilario for two weeks are now going to result in us being apart for three?

I am so very good at bungling things.


2 Responses to “reading albums again”

  1. anna Says:

    is that the view from your kitchen window?
    i am going to send you a personal email about my potential italy plans…

    much love

  2. alix Travis Says:

    You did not bundle things! Remember, “best laid plans often (read ‘usually’) go astray.


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