Sweden for a week

Varberg kyrka and bikes

Originally uploaded by nonsonoitaliana

Ah, Sweden.

It was a silent week as the computer at school had crashed- what are the chances of the computers at both my places of work crashing within months of each other? It happened.

A week of un-cold, un-snow, but lots of wind and rain. Wind so strong that at one point I had to get off my bike and just stand next to it, head bowed, waiting for the wind to abate enough to either walk forward or ride again. Intense. Some cool things happened- there are photos on flickr and will be more probably tomorrow.

Now I am back in my bright and beautiful apartment, with my bright and beautiful husband, with the small and nasty flies that have taken advantage of my absence to take over.


2 Responses to “Sweden for a week”

  1. alix Travis Says:

    Ah, origami. I love doing origami. Glad you are home.


  2. anna Says:

    it’s been really cold and REALLY windy here. trees down and sections of the city without power. i wish i knew ilario better–i love it that he is bright and beautiful.


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