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One week

February 28, 2008

Brennan walking in snow

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This was one of the last photos I took in New York, before I loaded myself onto the plane, already sick with fever, flew eight hours over the Atlantic in a strange, agitated state, landed in Milan, hauled myself onto the bus, lugging all my bags (3!!! unheard of for me), then out again at the Central station, ran (with the three bags and a blazing fever by this point) for the wrong train in a great state of mental confusion, almost got thrown off the train for having the wrong ticket, passed out in my seat, covered in sweat, and finally was picked up in Bergamo by my in-laws, who took me home.

Yesterday I only had fever in the afternoon, and only 38 (100F). The other days its been over 39 (over 102F).


So I am healing, if slowly, and maybe next week I will be able to do all the things I was supposed to do this one, but had to pass over in favor of lying in bed or on the sofa all day.

The really unfair thing is that after a day or so of lying down, my body hurts so much that I feel I can’t anymore, and yet the list of possible alternatives is incredibly limited as the fever kept me from standing up… I’ll leave the rest to your imagination.



February 22, 2008

Outside the Met

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It has been very cold here in the city.

And now it is very snowy.

VERY snowy.

Like 5-hour-delays-at-the-airport-snowy.


February 21, 2008

Booth Theatre

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A walk in the park with Max, the dog.
A exhibition at the Jewish Museum.
A really, really good play.
A beer at the View lounge.
A nice dinner at a Greek restaurant.
Bed before 10 pm.

Monday and Tuesday

February 20, 2008

leaving the city

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Margretville, New York.
New York City.
Newport, Rhode Island.
New York City.
two days.
more than 12 hours of driving.
lots of donuts.
i am pooped.


February 18, 2008


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My day of worship was spent sorting knitting needles and crochet hooks at my folks house (hooray for hand-me-down tools!), and shopping in Woodstock, New York for quilting fabric and patterns (hooray for the exchange rate!) with Brennan.

And being with kids, vaguely, on the periphery, as is the god-given-right of aunts. So, conversations about favorite kinds of pie, singing a song about the Titanic about a hundred times, and sledding.


February 16, 2008

Brennan making pie

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Surely there has been too much these last few days.

Friday was a whirlwind: I rode the train into Manhattan for breakfast with Dad, early, then right back to Brooklyn to help Brennan pack the car and then we were off to pick up the kids and drive upstate, hitting a mega-craft store, Dunkin Donuts and Eileen Fisher on the way. Ate dinner at a saloon rocking hard with the Friday night crowd.

This morning was slow, hanging out on the couch, but I followed it up with some time at Mom and Dad’s (senza Mom and Dad, of course) going through stuff of mine and theirs, searching for my Grandma’s collection of knitting needles.

I ending up sobbing. Sobs that increased in volume and intensity as I remembered that I was in a big American house, no neighbors on the other side of the wall to hear me. Cried as hard and loud as I could, then went upstairs and found the box of needles I had been looking for for the past two hours…



February 15, 2008

Prospect Park

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Early morning with Brennan, Hallman and Max at the park.


February 14, 2008

waiting for the bookstore to open

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February 13, 2008

some recent work

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Ok, I will admit that yesterday is largely a blur due to the numbing effects of jet lag.

There was some walking about, some subway-riding, some museum-going, haircutting, Cuban-food-eating, some seeing-Mom’s-latest-work, and lots and lots of talking.

The shocking thing about being here is all the English. I feel this strongly every time I come home. I can speak so easily, and everyone understands.

The next day (today) has already begun- up earlier than everyone else, but by now they are stirring and we will be off in the freezing rain to walk to school soon.


February 12, 2008

tea with mom and dad and brennan

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I am up before dawn with my brother-in-law Brian, and reviewing my day of travel and arrival yesterday…The flight was quite possibly the best ever I’ve ever had: kudos to Alitalia, who gave me three seats to myself on a half empty plane (the lingering benefit of years of bancrupcy and a recent takeover by AirFrance that has left the future of the used-to-be-state-owned company in doubt? or the result of flying on a Monday?), individual movie screen, and edible food.

Arrived cheerful and energetic, ready to immerse myself immediately into sisterly discussion and ruminations which lasted until bedtime, interrupted, or rather moderated, only by the addition of parents for teatime and an early dinner, and time out for me to hang with the small ones.

Rubber stamps: success. Too late discovered that the ink included is indelible- what is that all about? Surely Italy knows about water-soluble ink for children?

Baking set: success. Hallman was in a daze of ecstasy and played all evening with her “kitchen” (taking time to cover herself and her white sweater with the indelible ink from the dinosaur stamps, of course).

Lots of playing, lots of drawing and stamping and talking, two books and a long bath-time, and I am feeling much loved and appreciated by both niece and nephew. Especially treasured was the look of awe and tone of admiration in McCready when he discovered I had made the little washcloth with an M on it for him.

I ADORE Hallman and McCready.